Elk Grove Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer specializing in Organic, Natural-Light Portraiture.
For inquiries, please use the contact link above. Thank you!

Photography sessions include the following:
Your photography session time of approximately 45-60 minutes.
Access to the mothers and maternity wardrobe collection.
Professional editing and retouching of all photographer-selected final images.
High resolution download of entire final gallery with print permissions.

Session pricing is $275 for a solo session, $295 for a couple session, and $325 for a family session.
A $50 non-refundable retainer and signed photography agreement are required to reserve your session date.

At this time, I am only available for photography sessions on Fridays and availability is very limited.


Photography sessions are scheduled at Laguna Creek Trail in Elk Grove. In-home and Studio sessions are not being offered at this time. Outdoor sessions are scheduled about 1-2 hours before sunset time for the most beautiful, even lighting. A non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required to secure your reservation.
Upon booking, you will receive a link to my Mothers and Maternity Wardrobe where you may view the dresses that are available for you to use for your session. You'll also receive the contact information to my preferred hair and makeup artist.
On the day of your photography session, you'll want to arrive with your hair and makeup ready. For your outdoor session, it would be best to arrive in your photography outfits as there is not a private area to change. I do have a popup changing tent if you wish to change into your outfit on location. If you chose to wear an item from our client wardrobe, you may pick it up in advance, up to one week before your session.
Photography sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes in length. For your outdoor session, you may want to bring flat shoes for walking along trails, sunscreen, insect repellent, a bottle of water, and a small snack for little ones.
Maternity and family portraits are lightly posed with some traditional and candid shots and I do maintain my distance at this time, with the exception of newborn solos where I may briefly capture some solo images of baby if requested by the parents. I will wear a face covering for the entirety of your session. Because newborn sessions are currently only available outdoors and social distancing is currently practiced, I am unable to personally swaddle and pose your newborn. I do bring a Moses basket, blankets, and swaddle wrap for you to use for your newborn session, and your baby will be photographed unposed. Please refer to my wardrobe link above for a simple newborn swaddle tutorial.
An online gallery containing your final, edited images will be ready for you in approximately one week after your session. Your gallery will be active for thirty days, and you'll have permission to download all of your images in high resolution, and share your gallery with family and friends.

What should I wear for my photography session?​
Light, neutral colors work best with the light and airy photographic style that I shoot and edit in. Think ivory, cream, beige, light grey. Muted or pastel colors work well too. I have a carefully curated wardrobe of dresses available for moms and expectant moms to wear for the photo sessions.

How should I dress my baby for his or her newborn session?​
You do not need to bring any outfits for your baby's newborn session. All newborn sessions are very natural, unposed, and organic. Swaddling your baby is recommended. This allows for a warm, cozy environment for baby and allows me to capture safe and natural images of your little one. A swaddle also helps to keep baby's arms and legs tucked in neatly for photos with parents and siblings. I do provide a swaddle wrap for your baby, however I am not able to personally swaddle at this time, but do provide a simple tutorial. You can click on the wardrobe link in the menu to view it.

Do you have any props or can I bring props for my photography session?
One big differentiating factor between my photographic style compared to other photographers, is that I do not use many props or artificial backdrops or lighting for my photography sessions. I have a more simple and organic approach. For this reason I do not allow any outside props as it does not align with my simple and organic photographic style. I do bring a small Moses basket and blanket for outdoor newborn sessions.

How many digital images are included with my photography session?
It really depends on the type of photography session. A family session would have a greater variety of combinations to photograph - group photos, parents, siblings, child solos - and therefore will yield more images than a photo session of just one or two people. On average, you'll receive about 20 final images for a solo session (one person being photographed) and closer to 30+ final images for a group photo session.

How long will it take to receive my image gallery?
You can expect to receive your image gallery in about one week after your photo session. You will receive a link to your image gallery via e-mail. You'll be able to download all of the final, edited images in high resolution and share your gallery link with family and friends. Your gallery will remain active for thirty days.
Can I view/have all of the unedited images from my photography session?
I take great pride in delivering only my best work to my clients and it is for this reason that I do not provide the raw and unedited images. I usually take a couple shots of the same pose and choose only the best for editing,  so you can be sure that you will receive a great variety of only the very best images from your session in your final gallery.
What if I need to reschedule my photography session?
Should you need to reschedule your session for any reason, it may be rescheduled within 30 days of the originally scheduled date and is subject to availability.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have put the following precautions in place to ensure the safety and comfort of my clients. I have made some additional changes to my policies to further reduce the risk to my clients and to my family.
In order to serve you and your family, the following guidelines and policies will govern all sessions until further notice.
If you, anyone in your group, or anyone residing in your home have a fever, cough, stomach bug, or are generally not feeling well, please call to reschedule your session. Likewise, I will reschedule your session if I or a member of my family is sick.
As always, I will sanitize my hands and equipment before beginning our session together.  All studio dresses, newborn wraps, and blankets are washed and stored immediately after each use.
Participants in outdoor sessions are not required to wear face masks, however for your safety, I will wear one for the duration of your session, and request that anyone present and not being photographed wear one as well.
In-home and Studio sessions are not being offered at this time.
For all outdoor sessions, I will avoid all personal contact with my clients to include: handshaking, hugs, helping manage young children, as well as adjusting hair and clothing while shooting. All sessions will take place while maintaining a minimum of 6ft between myself and clients, with the exception of newborn sessions where I may very briefly capture newborn swaddled solos if requested by the parent. I will not personally swaddle newborns at this time, but will provide a clean swaddle, and also have a tutorial posted online so that parents can confidently swaddle baby for their session. Sessions will be limited to no more than 5 participants. I will not handle any client items.  Please make sure to leave sunglasses, wallets, and cellphones in your car.
I appreciate your understanding during this particularly challenging time. Putting you or your loved ones, or mine, at risk is not a chance I am willing to take. I understand that opinions on the risks associated with the pandemic differ widely, so if the guidelines laid out do not suit you or your vision for a session, I can assist you in finding an alternative photographer. I will be doing my best to update this information as the situation continues to develop.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
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